Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd is an independent consulting firm specialising in health policy and the analysis of health data for decision making, performance measurement, evaluation, costing and funding. Established in 2003, it has focused on forming long-term client relationships built on mutual trust and ethical standards. Our approach starts with investing time in gaining a sound understanding of your business needs so we can tailor a solution to your specific challenges.

With in-depth experience across the healthcare industry, we have helped many leading government and private organisations make better, faster, more informed decisions and operate more cost-effectively while improving service quality. From policy development and performance management to decision-making and data management, we can expertly take your project from initial concept to final completion. We believe in delivering concise, practical and tailored advice without meaningless jargon, and in working closely with your organisation to ensure its application is successful.

We have ready access to a national and international network of specialists to call on as required, and with Health Policy Analysis you will always deal with senior staff members.

Combining high-level knowledge and experience with flexibility and personal service, Health Policy Analysis is well positioned to deliver outstanding value and results. We have a proven track record in meeting the needs of many major clients, with more than 230 projects successfully delivered over the last thirteen years.

Since its inception, Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd has undertaken large, medium and small projects for a range of clients. Key strengths of our team include:

  • Experience in a wide range of health care projects, large and small
  • Experience applying both conceptual frameworks and practical know-how in combination to deliver real results
  • Experience in economic evaluation and development of business cases
  • Extensive knowledge of Australian and international health systems and organisations
  • Expertise in liaising with clinicians and other stakeholders in complex decision making environments
  • Excellent consultation, liaison and listening skills
  • Access to a strong national and international network of health care policy makers, researchers and clinicians for peer review and expert advice as required

We have a commitment to delivering business benefits and tangible results. We are a financially viable company with the capacity to offer value to clients at a competitive price.