Funding models and services costing

Health Policy Analysis principals have played a key and significant role in developing ABF and costing models in NSW, NT and nationally. We have recently been working intensively with the Qatari Ministry of Health to develop a new national private health insurance scheme. We are also currently working with IHPA to develop a new classification system for emergency care services for the purposes of activity based funding.

Hospital-acquired diagnoses and their effect on case complexity and resource use – Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2013

An analysis of hospital-acquired diagnoses, their effect on case complexity and resource use, and the use of a variable known as the condition onset flag (COF) in identification of these cases. Read More

Clinical coding and activity based funding education – Northern Territory Department of Health, 2013

A project to provide education to Royal Darwin Hospital clinicians on clinical coding, classification and activity based funding, with an emphasis on the implications of poor documentation on payments under ABF. Read More

Qatar funding model review – National Health Insurance Company of Qatar, 2013

Health Policy Analysis participated in an international consortium advising on the pricing of payments under Stage 2 of the National Health Insurance Scheme of Qatar. Read More

Costing Interventional Neuroradiology Procedures – South Eastern Sydney LHD, 2013

Health Policy Analysis was engaged to conduct a study of the costs of Interventional neuroradiology (INR) procedures, as provided in NSW public hospitals, and project activity for these services. This information was used to evaluate options for future arrangements for INR services in NSW public hospitals. Read More

Funding model for teaching – Health Workforce Australia, 2012

A project to develop a scoping paper to progress a funding model for clinical training. This involved reviewing relevant documentation from Health Workforce Australia and other sources, identifying and discussing key considerations with staff, and forming recommendations on how the funding model could be progressed. Health Policy Analysis was subsequently re-engaged to further develop the model. Read More

Aboriginal issues with activity based funding – NSW Ministry of Health, 2012

The Centre for Aboriginal Health of the NSW Ministry of Health commissioned Health Policy Analysis to examine the implications of activity based funding for Aboriginal health. The final report included a summary of post-1992 Australian evidence regarding the factors affecting costs of treating Aboriginal inpatients and an analysis of the NSW hospital inpatient data for 2010-11, describing various statistics in relation to Aboriginal patients. Read More

Suite of activity based funding projects – Independent Health Pricing Authority, 2012

A suite of projects to assist with analysis and documentation of the national pricing model. The documentation prepared was subsequently incorporated into the National Efficient Price Determination 2012-13 and the technical documentation accompanying this. Read More

'Hospital in the Home' costing and funding review – NSW Ministry of Health, 2012

A project to provide a costing and funding plan for hospital in the home services. Key drivers for this work were to ensure that theright incentives are in place for the growth and operation of hospital in the home services in NSW, and the the national implementation of activity based funding. Read More

Block funded hospitals – Independent Health Pricing Authority, 2012

A project to undertake a project to classify block funded hospitals, identify the ways in which an efficient cost for these hospitals can be determined, and estimate an efficient cost level. Read More

Emergency care classification, costing and funding – NSW Health, 2011

A project to advance the process through which activity for emergency departments is classified, counted, costed and funded, in preparation for activity based funding. This involved an extensive review of classification systems used across the states, a review of the costing approaches and recommendations for more accurate methods of allocating direct costs, modelling of cost weights and identification of key issues NSW Health should consider. Read More

Support for activity based funding working groups – Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, 2011

Health Policy Analysis working in partnership with another consultancy company were engaged for the purposes of: ‘the provision of casemix and activity based funding advice.’ which involved providing initial project management support to help plan and implement the proxy classification systems for emergency, subacute and outpatient services. Read More

Community Service Obligation Hospital Definition – Department of Health and Ageing, 2010

Health Policy Analysis worked as part of a consortium to ‘develop activity based funding in community service obligation (CSO) hospitals.’ The project included consultations with representatives of DoHA and jurisdictional health authorities to discuss issues relating to the delivery and funding of health services in rural and remote areas, as well as current approaches to defining and funding CSO hospitals. Read More

Dialysis Costing Study – NSW Health, 2009

Health Policy Analysis undertook a comprehensive and detailed study of the costs of dialysis by modality, and compiled costs per patient per year, identifed differences between rural and metropolitan Area Health Services and developed a funding model for home based dialysis modalities. NSW Health used the results of this study for planning and funding of dialysis services. Read More

Development of NSW’s draft cost accounting guidelines (CAG) for ABF implementation – NSW MoH, 2012

Responding to national developments in ABF, Health Policy Analysis was engaged to develop the NSW Cost accounting standards. The Standards bring into one place the key principles and standards that the Ministry, Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks must implement in capturing and reporting expenditure data and costs of service delivery to meet state and national requirements. Read More

Unaudited Annual Return Processing – NSW Ministry of Health, 2011-2012

Since 2003, Health Policy Analysis has prepared outputs required at both a state and national level from the Unaudited Annual Return (UAR) Data Collection on behalf of the NSW Department of Health. This work largely involves quality checks and preparation of reports. Read More