Development and refinement of classification systems

Health Policy Analysis has taken a leading role over many years in this aspect of health service development, having worked with state and national bodies to develop and incorporate classification systems. Senior staff at HPA were part of the team which initially developed Service Related Groups and Enhanced Service Related Groups.

Emergency care classification, costing and funding – NSW Health, 2011

A project to advance the process through which activity for emergency departments is classified, counted, costed and funded, in preparation for activity based funding. This involved an extensive review of classification systems used across the states, a review of the costing approaches and recommendations for more accurate methods of allocating direct costs, modelling of cost weights and identification of key issues NSW Health should consider. Read More

Review and update of the Service Related Groups and Enhanced Service Related Groups – NSW Ministry of Health, 2014

Service Related Groups and Enhanced Service Related Groups were adopted for national use in the late 1990s to classify clinical specialties and major conditions/procedures respectively. In 2009, the NSW Ministry of Health engaged Health Policy Analysis to undertake a review of their use and suitability; HPA was subsequently re-engaged in 2014 to update the classifications. Read More

Review of Paediatric Flag – NSW Ministry of Health, 2013

Health Policy Analysis was engaged to review the ‘Specialist Paediatric Activity Flag’. This is a data item used in the analysis of the NSW Admitted Patients Data Collection to identify admitted patient episodes expected to be spent in a specialist paediatric hospital rather than in another hospital. Read More

Review of Classification Systems for Emergency Care for Public Hospital Funded Emergency Care Services – Independent Health Pricing Authority, 2013

Health Policy Analysis led a consortium in an investigative review of classification systems for emergency care, and recommended options for the development of a classification for publically funded emergency care departments/services. A final report was submitted in February 2014. Read More

Review of NSW Peer Hospital Groups – NSW Ministry of Health, 2009, 2011 and 2013

In 2009 Health Policy Analysis was enagaged to review the Ministry of Health's peer grouping methodology with a view to improving it, particularly in relation to episode funding but also for other major applications of the groupings, such as health services planning and clinical benchmarking. Health Policy Analysis was subsequently re-engaged in 2011 and 2013 to conduct further reviews. Read More

Support for paediatric issues - National Centre for Casemix Classification, 2011

A project to provide analysis and advice on how paediatric cases are handled within the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (AR-DRG) system and in particular, how severity issues are handled within the classification. This project was conducted in the context of the review of the AR-DRGs for the development of version 7.0 of the classification. Read More