Health service planning, needs analysis and projections

One of Health Policy Analysis’ key strengths is in health service planning and needs analysis. Our work in developing and subsequently updating the methodology for estimating and modelling future demand for acute and sub-acute inpatient services is a key benchmark reference for health planners across NSW. We are currently engaged with NSW Ministry of Health on a substantial clinical services planning methodology review.

Development of aIM and SiAM modelling tools - NSW Department of Health, 2010 and 2012

Health Policy Analysis was engaged in 2010 to critically review and update the methodology for estimating and modelling future demand for acute inpatient activity across NSW to 2036. The final deliverables included a final report, a software tool (aIM2010), a user guide, and training materials. Health Policy Analysis was later re-engaged in 2010 to update the Department’s subacute inpatient projection modelling tool (SiAM), and again in 2012 to update both aIM and SiAM. Read More

Mental Health Resource Distribution Formula - NSW Department of Health, 2009

Health Policy Analysis was engaged to identify the most appropriate model of incorporating mental health in the general Resource Distribution Formula (RDF), consistent with RDF principles, and to develop this model. The project resulted in a comprehensive set of recommendations for determining current and future needs for mental health services among different NSW geographic populations, and relativities between them. Read More

Mental Health Clinical Care and Prevention calculator: Stage 1 – NSW Department of Health, 2012

A project to develop a more user friendly calculator for Mental Health Clinical Care and Prevention, to facilitate the use of predictions of need by all users. This calculator is considered to be Stage 1 of the development of a more comprehensive estimator/calculator which will incorporate a range of additional features. Read More

Work plan for Renal Services Network – Agency for Clinical Innovation, 2012

Development of the ACI Renal Network Workplan for 2013-2015. The project involved facilitation of a workshop of members of the ACI Renal Network, drafting a workplan and consulting on the workplan. The resulting workplan was approved by the ACI Renal Network Executive and is now guiding work of the Network.