Policy and strategy

The Health Policy Analysis team has strong credentials in health policy, with a particular focus on complex health systems, primary health care, chronic disease and integrated care. Members of our team have previously contributed to the National Diabetes Strategy, the National Framework for Action on Dementia, the National Pain Strategy, NSW Carers Strategy and the NSW Ageing Strategy. Senior staff have also played a significant role in the establishment and subsequent changes to the federal Aged Care Act.

Development of an Horizon paper – Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2014

Health Policy Analysis undertook a project on the future of rehabilitation medicine, working with the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Consultations with key stakeholder groups from across Australia and New Zealand were held, the outcomes of which led to the development of a set of themes about the future of rehabilitation medicine in Australia and New Zealand. Recommendations were made to shape the direction for the discipline for the future. The Faculty is now pursuing these recommendations. Read More

Implementation Strategy and Evaluation Plan for the Renal Supportive Care Model – Agency for Clinical Innovation, 2014

Health Policy Analysis was engaged to develop a plan to guide the implementation of Renal Supportive Care services across NSW and to provide a framework via which accountability and effectiveness of services will be measured. Health Policy Analysis developed the plan, the accountability and evaluation framework, and reworked the cost estimates for implementation of the services across the state, and also for the establishment of hubs to provide training, mentoring and research for the program. The plan is currently being implemented across NSW. Read More