Project objectives

To develop a classification system for funding breast screening in NSW, and recommend a funding model, informed by a costing study.

Cancer Institute of NSW

Our approach

HPA designed a data collection tool to collect expenditure data and information about staffing and other aspects of service provision from Screening and Assessment Services (SASs) across NSW. This data was combined with information about screening and assessment activities collected by the Cancer Institute NSW. Activity based costing was used to estimate the cost per screen and per assessment. The data was also used to explore systematic differences in costs associated with specific features of services, such as screening in fixed versus mobile sites, and cost differences between rural versus metropolitan locations.

In a subsequent project HPA helped build capability within the Cancer Institute NSW to enable them to routinely cost screening services to maintain the funding model.

An ‘R Shiny’ web-based tool was developed to collate expenditure data provided by the SASs, manage the aggregation of the cost data and allow investigation of costing results through interactive visualisations.


The Cancer Institute NSW implemented the classification and funding model, starting with a transition period. The new approach promotes equity in funding between providers and transparency. The Cancer Institute NSW also has the capability and infrastructure to maintain the funding model over time.

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