Project objectives

In 2009, Australian Health Ministers endorsed a recommendation for core sets of indicators of safety and quality, one of which was hospital-level outcome indicators for feedback and routine review at jurisdictional and facility level.

The initial set of core, hospital based outcome indicators (CHBOI) focussed on mortality, admissions, readmissions and healthcare associated infections. The Commission engaged HPA to develop the specifications for these indicators and prepare technical notes and SAS code to assist jurisdictions to extract local data to derive and monitor these indicators.

Since 2012, the Commission has engaged HPA on different occasions to undertake projects relating to CHBOI, including refining the indicators, updating ICD-10-AM codes where relevant, refining the SAS code and developing guides for interpreting results.

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and other clients

Our approach

HPA developed the specifications through a critical review of existing similar specifications and working with key stakeholders to agree on inclusions/exclusions and risk adjustment approaches. Two jurisdictions and the AIHW tested the specifications and the SAS code before they were more widely distributed by the Commission.


The CHBOI toolkit is used by jurisdictions and private hospital groups to compare hospital outcomes over time, using routinely available data. Changes may identify issues with data quality and consistency, resources, or quality of care.

Our vision

HPA aims to be a leading firm in specialist consulting services in the health care sector, offering qualitative and quantitative analysis and synthesis of evidence, providing expertise in statistics and data science, and contributing to well founded and practical policy advice. We aim to deliver the highest quality of services, helping our clients to achieve their objectives, while transferring our expertise and building their capabilities.

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