Project objectives

The Commission undertook in-depth research and wide consultation to identify practice level indicators of safety and quality for primary care. ‘Practice level’ refers to organisations, teams and individual practitioners providing primary care, which in turn is defined as the ‘first level of health care or entry point to the healthcare system for consumers’. The project resulted in 35 indicators. The Commission engaged HPA to develop detailed specifications for these.

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Our approach

HPA undertook wide-ranging research, including peer reviewed and ‘grey’ literature to develop the specifications. The lack of standardised data sets in primary care was a challenge in developing the specifications.

We developed projections of INR activity using learnings from the literature and opinions of clinical experts and applied these to known characteristics of the NSW population (e.g. ageing, morbidity in specific areas) to forecast future demand.


The Commission made the specifications available to primary care organisations to implement on a voluntary basis.

Our vision

HPA aims to be a leading firm in specialist consulting services in the health care sector, offering qualitative and quantitative analysis and synthesis of evidence, providing expertise in statistics and data science, and contributing to well founded and practical policy advice. We aim to deliver the highest quality of services, helping our clients to achieve their objectives, while transferring our expertise and building their capabilities.

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