Project objectives

The purpose of the project was to identify key challenges and opportunities for the Rehabilitation Medicine in Australia and New Zealand, to stimulate discussion of these, and to suggest possible strategies to address them.

Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Our approach

The project began with a literature scan of the key issues that are affecting or could potentially affect the future of rehabilitation medicine. It included coverage of issues such as training, models of care, and the development of the specialty over the past decade. This was followed by consultation with a range of key stakeholders from across Australia and New Zealand identified by the steering committee.

The outcomes of these consultations led to the development of a set of themes about the future of rehabilitation medicine in Australia and New Zealand. The themes included visibility of the discipline, the potential for new models of care to meet emerging demand and gaps, the interface with acute care, partnerships with related medical disciplines, the need to consider regional differences in the availability of services within Australia and within New Zealand, potential areas of growth for the discipline, and opportunities and constraints created by funding approaches.


Recommendations were made to address the issues identified, intended in the first instance to stimulate discussion and debate amongst Faculty members.

Our vision

HPA aims to be a leading firm in specialist consulting services in the health care sector, offering qualitative and quantitative analysis and synthesis of evidence, providing expertise in statistics and data science, and contributing to well founded and practical policy advice. We aim to deliver the highest quality of services, helping our clients to achieve their objectives, while transferring our expertise and building their capabilities.

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