Project objectives

The purpose of the study was to understand the costs of dialysis by modality, compile costs per patient per year (including out-of-pocket costs), identify differences in costs between rural and metropolitan regions and develop a funding model for home-based dialysis modalities.

NSW Ministry of Health

Our approach

The study involved a literature review, consultation with nephrologists, dialysis nurse unit managers and other stakeholders, data collection involving all public sector dialysis units across NSW, a survey of the population of patients on dialysis in NSW focusing on out-of-pocket expenses and analysis of data including sources such as the ANZ Data registry.

Preliminary results were presented to a workshop of consumers, senior nephrologists, nurse unit managers, allied health staff and health service managers. The workshop provided an opportunity to validate results, explore interpretations and identify further issues for investigations. The workshop contributed to the acceptance of the study’s results amongst senior clinicians in NSW.


The final report was the first Australian report to fully document the extent of out-of-pocket expenses faced by dialysis patients. It was also one of the largest dialysis costing studies undertaken internationally.  The report provided estimates of the costs of dialysis service provision, by dialysis modality for metropolitan and rural sites.  It also provided estimates of associated costs, including specialist, general practice and allied health consultations and hospital admissions (in addition to dialysis sessions).

NSW Health has used the results of the study for planning and funding of dialysis services.

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